Hitting the Road

If you noticed there’s no date set for the next chapter, that’s by design.

I’m off on a little travelling from tomorrow, and won’t be back until mid-October. That means another short hiatus until we get back in action at the end of October. Look forward to seeing you all then.


Still Going

So, things have been a little quiet around here.

I hit a bit of a block, no lie. And then other priorities snuck in, as well as a few doubts. But I wasn’t completely idle.

What I’m saying is that two new chapters are up. That puts us about the halfway mark. Not too bad for seven months, right?

I’ll be back to regular updates now, except for a short break coming up soon while I’m out of the country.


A Small Update

Hi folks!

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m very attached to my story, but I also have some priorities vis a vis staying alive.

So while you might have noticed that Chapter 7 is running a little late, I can say that it’ll be up ASAP and we’ll be back on track soon.

Thanks for your patience!


Hi folks!

You may notice that Chapter 6 isn’t quite as up as it was scheduled to be. I’ll admit, a combination of other priorities and general creative issues got in the way.

I’ve taken the difficult decision to delay Chapter 6 by a further two weeks. It’ll now be publishing on 1st July instead.

However, I haven’t been completely useless, as the Interlude is now up!

Part One Is Done

Hi folks!

With the (slightly late – I accidentally had a birthday that got in the way) release of Chapter 5 of The Man Who Came To Town, the serial will be taking a short hiatus, returning on May 15th. Essentially, that just means skipping a single episode.

So look for Chapter 6, and the beginning of Part 2: The City, on May 15th.

The Man Who Came To Town

Hi folks!

I’m excited to announce that as of right now, both the Prologue and Chapter 1 of my new project, a serial by the name of The Man Who Came To Town are now available to read for free online. The serial will update twice monthly, and will carry on through until…well, until it’s done.

Set in modern Arizona, The Man Who Came To Town is a story of pain, redemption, and the torments of the past. As Doc Valentine himself would put it: “Every man casts his shadow.”

To celebrate the launch, I’ve given the site a makeover, and restructured some of my previous releases. Several ‘Small Worlds‘ stories (under 10k words) are available to read directly on this site, while the rest can be found, as before, in the Earth and Other Small Things collection. Meanwhile, superhero short story The Millions of Me is still available through all popular ebook retailers.